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Alternative Goa Fashion


Indian Project, Alternative Clothing brand based in Goa (India) since 2002.

Our work and productions focus on clothing lines that may be wearable everywhere, any time, and still with a personal identity and fonctionallity in mind.
The clothing can be for the psytrance community, festival time or traveling, but not only!

Indian Project is thought for “urban travellers
A mix in between minimal streetwear, urban fashion, utility traveling, and party time.
Like a 4-flavors cake that matches all together.


During the winter time from September to June we stay around Goa in India.
Tailoring our designs and making our production with our family team.
Working, creating, elaboring new ideas and designs.

Underground Clothing

Beside the production processes and fleamarkets stands where we present our range, we also manage in Goa 2 shops, both based in Anjuna (North Goa) from October to end of May.

Check out our google map locations to find the direction:


Spread our lines around unic travellers gathering

Started in 2005, we have been since this early time touring every summer most of the main Trance Festivals in Europe to present our latest clothing collection.
Resident of each edition of the Boom Festival in Portugal since 2006, Ozora festival in Hungary since 2009, Psyfi festival in Netheerlands since 2014 & Freqs of Nature festival in Germany 2012-2018, Hadra festival in France 2006-2019, Antaris festival in Germany 2012-2019 and many more to date…

Underground Fashion

Party outfits & Festival Clothes

You can also find our collections during some best events like the Modem in Craotia, Fusion in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brazil or Earth Frequency in Australia… To name a few…

Time to connect with the spirit of Tribes.

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